Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just had to post up the pics below that I just got my hands on. Sum's up Nic's day at XTERRA quite nicely huh?! As we speak (or I type at least) I'm at work at the Gym in Ohakune. Very nice of Megan to give me some hours as I'm otherwise unemployed now that my TriNZ contract is up. And with the impending euro/canada trip $ are essential.

Crazyman this weekend in Wellington as Nic breaks out the Kayak for first time in 18mths and attempts to chase Elina Ussher. I'm looking forward to being support crew and watching it unfold. Watching you ask?

In breaking news.... X-Rays today confirmed that my foot in fact is fractured (5th Metatarsal). This is a good thing. If only because it means I wasn't imagining the pain at/during/after Xterra. Nice that the injury coincides with an off period. It's healing fine I think. Will just take some time.

Think someone is happy?! All Nic need's is to catch her breath and some idiot hugs her. Nice one Cabin

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Miriam said...

aww, cool photos! :-)