Thursday, November 14, 2013

Exploring something different

Went exploring on the weekend on what turned into a bit of an epic. At a secret location where I know of numerous (and awesome) Moto trails. Had planned on a 45min or so skid. Was having too much fun and started following arrows. After 1hr30 I realised it was the 30km+ loop from a recent 6hr Moto race. I didn't have a water bottle... but I did have jelly snakes
Some brutally steep ups

Some rather exciting downs

And some spectacular views
Didn't think to use the camera earlier in the awesome single track. I think I only pulled it out later. Perhaps to record my last moments if I never made it out?! Almost 3hr, 30km and 1000m climbing later; after a few wrong turns/long grovelly bike carries/and scrambling to safety after disturbing 6 wild piglets (scared the parents were nearby) I made it back to the car. Massively dehydrated, hungry, and exhausted.
Might have to do that again next week

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

People are good

So despite the massive lack of posting activity that may suggest something to the contrary... I am still here folks. During those few months there was also a significant lack of racing or exercise motivation. I did punch out a couple of 3rd places in the N-Duro MTB series, and Mud Warrior CX events, but then it all went a bit pear shaped really. Too many life changes equalling a not so happy camper. It wasn't an easy few months but its all pretty good right now. Thanks to one thing really.... People.
People are good
 People like Louis Crosby, dragging me out for wednesday night (and occasional Sunday) skids

Or Pauly B. Good for a bit of a laugh at the MX track when I can get there

 Family of course. Mum and Dad who got me to hang out for a great week in Noosa. There was also Luke and Lisa but I was too lazy (or talking too much) to pull a camera out

People like this Madman. Ra Bana. Perhaps the most generous person I've ever met, and when I decided I couldn't be bothered racing the last two NDuro events, let me take my KTM into the forest for a good hoon lead moto and track clearance duties instead

My adopted family here who let me hang out on weekends and distract me with childs play

Oh yeah... there were a couple of races in there....
People like Mops. An amazing host in Wanaka for a few days. And of course old man Mikey, my MTB and Moto buddy.
This wild untamed bushman who is always good for some random chat about anything over a coffee

Or the biggest poser  one of the most genuine guys in MTB/Tri. Always keen for a lunch date when in town

These two who'll make a cuppa then happily patiently listen to any inane rambling that comes out of my mouth
Or this guy who is so genuine and appreciative its a pleasure to assist him with his racing
To be honest if I keep on posting pics of the people I could put up here I'll be here all night. So I better stop. Suffice to say people are good. All those countless people who've made themselves available for a beer, a meal, or a cafe catchup as I travelled round the country. You know who you are. Friends are awesome.

And to all those out there I haven't seen in some time... look forward to the next time we catch up for a beer. Or a coffee maybe...depends what time of the day I guess  :)