Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finding my mojo

It's been a month since we last posted something here..... yes we are still alive! We've been taking a break from racing for a bit. Working, training, and just taking it easy for a bit.

We sat out the first race of the winter N-Duro series last week and by all accounts missed a cracker of a race. My absence in particular confused many as I'm pretty vocal about my advocacy for racing lots. However, I was a little burnt out from so much racing in the last 5 months. If not physically, certainly mentally.

When I line up to race again I want to be excited as this kid....

Nic has another Northern Hempisphere campaign upcoming as she builds to Worlds. So she's back to work as a physio to pay for it. And also into some solid strength and endurance training to build up her engine.

I on the other hand don't have any major events on the horizon so motivation is somewhat lacking. I find I need inspiration to train. Usually that comes from an event. Although at the moment it is coming from reading the blogs of international friends such as the Conrad Stoltz. It is their stories that are motivating me to do some solid base training. So that when I pinpoint an event, I am as excited and inspired as the Italian MX kid.... and fit enough to do the work required.