Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year update

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2013. Looking at the blog I figured its probably long overdue for a catch up?! Yes we are still here, but what are we up to?
I figured the pic above is probably a pretty good summary of whats been going on. Basically nothing too serious! Taken at the "yeah boi, sick" race back in December. A FUNdraising event for a soon to be constructed MTB Skills park in memory of James Dodds. A TT effort up Nursary Road, and down Exit trail. Cleary both myself and Graeme Pearson had differing takes on what would be appropriate (or most innapropriate?!) for what was essentially an XC Time Trial. Was great fun for sure.
Pretty much, since Maui (for me) and Annaconda (for Nic) there has been a distinct lack of structured training. While we have remained active, the focus has certainly been elsewhere. Nic has concentrated hard on successfully developing her business (Nic Leary Physical Therapy) and to be honest I have simply lacked focus!
Instead I've enjoyed a pretty relaxed summer. Exercise has been sporadic. I've enjoyed playing on the Moto, watching other sports, and even tried to rejuvinate my golf swing. We even tried to master sailing Keiths (Nic's Dad) Hoby Catamaran. Nic more successfully than I.
So whats next? Well I am still to figure that out! Reflecting on the past year it has been a bit of a mixed bag, with moderate success. Being honest with myself I think I have struggled for full focus. Since my Moto crash in late 2011 I think I have become a bit timid, and lost a bit of confidence in my abilities and let doubts creep in. As such I find myself doing a wee bit of soul searching as I contemplate whats next. What do I really want to do? Not wanting to commit to any "serious" training buildup until I am 100% confident in my goals/ambitions whatever they may be. Its a stange feeling after 10+ yrs of thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
So instead its a matter of rebuilding my fitness, and enjoying opportunities that may present themselves along the way.