Monday, October 26, 2009

Labour Day musings

So it's a public holiday, it's a gorgeous day here in Rotorua, and I've spent the morning staring at the laptop.... partly because I trained lots last two days and I'm a bit smashed..... but more so as I've been being the avid sports fans following the fortunes of a few of my friends who also happen to be pretty classy at what they do. So big congrats to.....

Paul "The Axeman" Whibley. It's a long way from Pahiatua to the East Coast of the USA and big time professional motorcycling. But Paul put in a strong and consistent ride this morning at the final round of the prestigeous GNCC series (reputed to be the toughest off-road series in the world), to secure the overall title for 2009. Awesome work. And I hope the Suzuki team who cut him from their roster after 2008 are feeling a little sheepish now.

And these two. Richard Ussher and Scott Thorne. No nicknames needed. Just genuine hard men. Tough as nails, shown here smashing each other at XTERRA NZ, they have just finished 11th and 13th respectively at the 2009 XTERRA World Championship. In what was perhaps the deepest field at the event to date..... Rich put in the equal fastest run split, and Scott the 5th fastest. Doing NZ proud.
And Scott.... competing at that level, amongst big name professionals, in spite of a full time labour intensive job....So perhaps unofficially the Amateur World Champ? No excuse for the rest of us. Right then, maybe I should go training them.
In other good news. Apparently, outlets in the Bay of Plenty have on average the most generous servings of cone ice-cream in NZ. I knew there was another reason I moved to Rotorua.... :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Toys!

.... so pre-season training is underway, and while theres a few tried and true methods to get fit and fast for summer I think we are all well aware I'm not really one for following traditional training methods. Always keen to throw new things into the mix, so when Nic decided she wanted to take up BMX who was I to argue?

Bloody good way to work on strength and power. Great skills, and a hell of a lot of fun. So after aquiring her very own ABD Pro BMX on wednesday there was no stopping Nic. Turned out to be a long training day!

My Haro Cruiser (I'm an old man after all) hadn't arrived yet, so I went running instead. Will have to wait for next week. Actually, we also got a Powertap wheel for the roadies this week too. Pretty serious training investment there.... but the BMX is far more fun.

Nic even managed to fing a helmet small enough
Bit more scary start view than an MTB race?
Just in case you were missing Pattle.....
Nic on the gate with the boys. Thats Tom Holland on the right, and Aaron "bling bling" Perry in white beside Nic

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Living....

Time for another blog update, and really, we're just living.... !

Another fairly hectic weekend, even with the absence of racing. This time with a whistle stop visit back to Palmerston North (via Raetihi and Wanganui). Friday night I was guest speaker at the Sport Manawatu Grassroots Sports Awards. Kind of cool honour to be asked. Firstly, in that it recognises I might have something valuable to say. And secondly, I must be getting better at them?!

Seriously though, it was a great opportunity to give a bit back to the sports community where I developed myself as an athlete. And also where I hopefully made some impact on the youth too.

So Cabin got a haircut, and a real job!!!

Was a great opportunity to think about and acknowledge all the club volunteers whose tireless work allows us to do what we do. Fittingly, a number of the award winners on Friday have directly influenced me over the years, and I was able to acknowledge and thanks these people on the night.

If you compete at all, can I suggest you take a moment to think of all those that assist you.... and perhaps say thanks. Without them we don't have a sport/sports.

At least I thought I was entertaining?!
Finally, we moved into our short-medium term accomodation on Sunday night (until we find a suitable house to buy). Residing in the basement of the Diproses new place. Must say it's awesome to no longer be living out of bags (as I kind of have been for about 8 months now), and having some sort of regularity back in my life.
Guess that means it's time to start a proper training program again then? Wonder if I can still remember how to swim?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Whaka 100....

Fot the third time in three years I'm feeling a little broken from chasing Scot Thorne all around the forest during the Whaka 100. And I didn't even race! It was a little different this time...

.....after a good break (like a whole month of complete laziness for Cabin.... a wee bit less for Nic), we hauled the bikes out again last week thinking a 100km race wasn't too smart, especially with a desire to do a long steady build up to the 2010 season. So Nic decided to race the 50km option, whilst I strapped a helmet camera to my head with the intent of capturing some good in race footage for future highlights/promo films.

Turned out to be a fun (and a little bit painful) day. Happily stayed with the lead group for approx 30km, before taking a shortcut to relocate to another filming position. All the while watching an inpressive Scott Thorne control the race.

Jumped in and out of the race and captured the crucial moments (I think... haven't watched the footage yet), and experimented with a few shots as my creative side came out?!

Stopped for a break at 60k, and joined in behind the 50km race, following Nic, as some poor chap desperately tried to prevent himself being beaten by a girl. Nic's mean. Despite a gnarly crash early on she ended up winning the womens easily and nabbing 3rd overall in the 50km. Amazing what a decent break and feeling fresh does for you.

Meanwhile I decided to keep Mr Thorne company as it looked lonely at the front. After another 40+ mins following I decided the last hill was a bit much so left the man to it and shot back to the finish for a rest and a much needed feed. And in time to watch a very impressive and strong looking Thorne take his 3rd stright title. He's looking good for Maui and am excited to see what he does.

Looking forward to ressuming training now. Looks like I've got some ground to make up

The Cameraman hangs on for grim death behind Thorne
Nic waaayyyy out front of the womens 50km

Thanks to Alan @ Fotoengineers for the images