Monday, February 20, 2012

A month in pictures

So after Dad visited on Friday night and quite rightly pointed out that he was eagerly awaiting actual blog updates as for sale ad's are boring..... I figured I best get something up here!

The last four weeks have flown by as we keep more than busy. In a strange way its actually been really nice NOT to be on the national MTB circuit. Sure we both have missed it. But being closer to home, being able to enjoy the weather, get some training in, do the gardening/lawns, and have relaxed evenings with friends. We almost feel normal!

But that doesn't mean we've been slacking....

As Nic continues her ebuild phase, she has enjoyed a return to triathlon. And when I say return, I am stretching it a little. Apart from a token couple of tri's at high school (when she was a rugby/hockey player), and despite being a 2 x XTERRA NZ Champion, she's never really done a road triathlon. But seemed a good excuse for some training and what better specific intervals than racing? Here she smacks out a tough 40km bike leg at Kinloch in the Erin Baker tri.

And then holds it together for a strong final 10km run. This was on the back of a good hit-out the week prior at the fantastic Blue Lake multisport festival. She is enjoying starting to feel fit and strong again, as oppossed to being "fast". The two do not always go hand and hand.

And why not throw some road in there too? A good hard weekend of training was to be found at the very well run (and popular) Bev May 2-day womens tour based out of Morrinsville. While the results on paper may not have been what Nic wanted, the mission to get good hard training in was well and truely achieved. Being awarded the Most Aggressive jersey for her day 1 exploits indicates she certainly didn't sit in for an easy ride...

Amongst all the spectating and attempts at re-building my own fitness our 2012 goodies have been trickling in. Thanks to Avanti and Wide Open this rather impressive looking weapon now resides in the garage. Taunting me everytime I walk past it. While the arm is coming along pretty well its still not quite up to full blown MTB action so the weapon will have to cool its heals a wee bit longer. Great motivation to get right though.

And finally... I jumped into some competitive action with the World Famous (in Eastern Bay of Plenty) Ohope Sprint Tri. A pretty decent field showed up in what I thought would be a nice low key no pressure re-introduction to some intensity. I swam poorly, biked kinda decent, and ran ok (tentatively as some overzealous training had resulted in a dodgy calf) and held on for a solid 4th. Pretty hpy with where the aerobic fitness was at. Just need to get strong. All looking good though.

Bring on the next few months.