Monday, July 12, 2010

Galaxy Travel Winter N-Duro series #2

When you live in Rotorua, and overnight your garage suddenly looks like this, you can be pretty sure there must be a race on. With Race 2 of the N-Duro winter series on we had a full house. Our garage is chocker at the best of times but this weekend was ridiculous. 16 bikes, at an average value of at least $6k (brought down by 2 BMX's and 3 crappy commuter's), and enough carbon to build a new airbus.... it was a little ridiculous.

With one Sth African in residence we enjoyed a fantastic Saturday evening watching the All Blacks give the Springboks a right drubbing. Good work boys.

Sunday morning and beautifully sunny, yet incredibly cold morning greeted us all. A strong field was in attendance, and with a number about to head offshore to try and prove their World Champs credentials we were in for a hot pace. I wasn't looking forward to that, so blagged myself an ubber ghey Bushlove roadie hat to claim I was just sifting...

The bluff didn't work as despite feeling quite slow I somehow found myself in 3rd/4th relatively comfortably as Mikey toyed with everyone and headed off on his own training ride. Think he just wanted to get back to the coffee cart before everyone else.

Managed to catch and fast "fastest man" Ed Crossling in the last single track which was nice. At least I was first home of those camped at our house for the weekend. So a solid 3rd it was. Pleasing with the lack of hard training in recent times (although 100km dirtbiking last weekend helped the endurance).

Nic proceeded to smash the womens field. Had a few issues to contend with which stopped her challenging for a top 15 overall which was a goal, but signs are good for Canada all the same. Only two weeks more of winter for her to put up with before she can head to summer weather and start the buildup proper. Good times.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Santoft Sizzler... in Pictures

I should have waited 24hrs before the previous post... as now I have pics. Never mind, better late than never. The photographer accused me of showing off for the camera.... I told him I just prefer to pretend I'm on a moto at every opportunity (thats the real reason I use gripshift, I can pretend its a throttle).

Nic on the other hand was concerned looking at the photo gallary that she seemed to be the only rider wheelie dropping this lip... need not have worried... thats why you are fast Nic

Enjoying the sweet flowing trails of Santoft. Credit to the Manawatu MTB club members for their years of work on these. A great asset for the area, and I know how many volunteer hours have gone into them. They even raked pretty much the whole 6.5km race loop the day prior! In rugby lingo.... full credit.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Winter miles....

Check out those pine cones.... They are actually a trophy. How cool is that?! It's 9 days ago now, but we shook off the winter blues with a trip down to Palmerston North to take on the Manawatu MTB Club's Santoft Sizzler. They are a great club, with great people, and with really cool (relatively low key) events. We kinda miss hanging out with this lot so it was great to be able to get back and enjoy catching up... as well as taking ain a pretty cool event.

The Sizzler was a 5hr teams race (well 4hr30 + a lap). Held out at Santoft which is a sand based riding area with little elevation. This = Hard! As there is no rest. It also pissed down all weekend making it slick and somewhat heavy going in places. Nic and I entered as a 2 person team, with Nic kicking it off with the first 3 laps. Neither of us felt lightening quick, but we were solid enough. Eventually taking the overall win, and with it the two prized golden pincones.

Back home and training is ticking along. Hard work for Nic in the Worlds build up. Miles (Road and MTB), Gym sessions,intervals, and a bit of BMX. I tag along for only some of it.... and not all of it. Great thing about Rotorua is its central location and all the other opportunities to play.

So when Craig Corbett kindly offered to take me trail riding on Sunday my planned MTB session was quickly ditched. 100km ish of high speed "play" on a KTM SX125 later and I think I've got my mojo back (although maybe moto skills, rather than MTB). The video below gives an idea of what my Sunday looked like....

(disclaimer: This is not me. This is Chris Birch. He is very good. He just won Redbull Romanics. I did not. I just went trail riding. About 60% of his speed feel's very quick to me...)

Onboard with Chris Birch from NZ Greenroom Productions on Vimeo.