Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Santoft Sizzler... in Pictures

I should have waited 24hrs before the previous post... as now I have pics. Never mind, better late than never. The photographer accused me of showing off for the camera.... I told him I just prefer to pretend I'm on a moto at every opportunity (thats the real reason I use gripshift, I can pretend its a throttle).

Nic on the other hand was concerned looking at the photo gallary that she seemed to be the only rider wheelie dropping this lip... need not have worried... thats why you are fast Nic

Enjoying the sweet flowing trails of Santoft. Credit to the Manawatu MTB club members for their years of work on these. A great asset for the area, and I know how many volunteer hours have gone into them. They even raked pretty much the whole 6.5km race loop the day prior! In rugby lingo.... full credit.

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