Thursday, February 20, 2014

I did a race! For the first time in months.... so used a suitably innapropriate bike. Tuesday nights "Yeah Boi Sick" race in the redwoods. The second running of an event to celebrate the memory of James "Dodzy" Dodds, and raise funds for the skills park to be constructed in his memory. And threw on my Rotorua in Gear T-Shirt to honour the memory of another great friend - Paddy Avery.

A lung burning blast up Nursary Rd, and a blast down Exit trail. Followed by Round 2 on the sketchy drop and root infested old exit trail. Fun on a trail bike, difficult on a hardtail, on a CX bike.....?! Got down most of it with a short run after chain derailment, hung on for grim death through these roots shown above, and then managed to throw a nice wee whip over the ramped log the ends the trail. To which I can just hear what Dodzy's voice with what his reaction would be....

... "Yeah Boi.... Sick"