Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Game on

Daylight saving + spring time.... it's all on again. The only drawback is that it also signal's lawn-mowing/gardening season. But I think we can live with that. Now that Nic's just swapped the wee honda 150 for an SX85 (to complement my 125) we'll just have to be extra vigilant not to put mix the 2-stroke and the mower fuel.

On the racing front, it's all on again. We have a pretty busy few months ahead, and the weekend just been saw the first steps toward our later goals

Nic's weekend was a little more arduous than most. Together with Eloise Fry and Susie Wood, they decided to take on the gruelling Spring Challenge 12hr adventure race in Marlborough. As you can see, they scored some pretty stunning views for their efforts.

They raced a strong and measured event, and were able to give some very experienced multisport stars a real scare Still full of running at the finish... 10hr45 later...

Second place, just 10min behind the headline R&R Sport team of Coast to Coast Champion Sophie Hart, they were left ruing a couple of small errors. They were deservadly pretty happy with their efforts and am sure are now plotting their elevation to the top spot next year.

Feeling a little guilty at the day long efforts of the girls I managed to throw together a 4hr road ride + 3hr on the MTB. Not as impressive as it sounds as the MTB ride involved that much gas-bagging with PAttle & co we'd be lucky if I did more than 2hr riding time. Anyway, great (?) prep for the following days Spring Fling Super D

Two timed runs down Jumps/Corners would decide the winner. As the rain pelted down and the track turned to a slick muddy bobsleigh course, perhaps not the best place for a 29er hardtail in full XC set-up? Unfortunately it was my only choice, and a last minute one at that after I damaged my other ride in practice and had to make a rushed trip home to grab the trusty Team Competitor.

Thankfully Avanti has the geometry pretty well dialled and while its an XC bike, can certainly find its way down a hill ok. As you can see by the legs after run 1, it was a bit damp...

Rode pretty average on the first run, while Pattle blitzed everyone. 5th or 6th and I was clinging to the "first hardtail" token claim of success. Got it together a bit better on the 2nd run while everyone else crashed their brains out on death or glory Danny Hart style runs. Unfortunately none of us were Danny Hart.... Moved up to 3rd overall so pretty happy with that. 2 x 12min runs certainly got the lungs working.

Next up? We are off to Waipukurau this Saturday for the Pukeora Challenge. A cool event being put on bythe students of Central Hawkes Bay Challenge. Not sure how the bodies are going to like their first XC race hit out in about 5 months? But only one way to find out.