Thursday, November 14, 2013

Exploring something different

Went exploring on the weekend on what turned into a bit of an epic. At a secret location where I know of numerous (and awesome) Moto trails. Had planned on a 45min or so skid. Was having too much fun and started following arrows. After 1hr30 I realised it was the 30km+ loop from a recent 6hr Moto race. I didn't have a water bottle... but I did have jelly snakes
Some brutally steep ups

Some rather exciting downs

And some spectacular views
Didn't think to use the camera earlier in the awesome single track. I think I only pulled it out later. Perhaps to record my last moments if I never made it out?! Almost 3hr, 30km and 1000m climbing later; after a few wrong turns/long grovelly bike carries/and scrambling to safety after disturbing 6 wild piglets (scared the parents were nearby) I made it back to the car. Massively dehydrated, hungry, and exhausted.
Might have to do that again next week

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