Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Riding or Hiding?

This Sunday see's the running of one of NZ's best MTB Marathon events. The 75km Highlander. I've pre-ridden the course and it's a good one.

For 2009, the event doubles as the NZ MTB Marathon Champs. With Junior, Elite, and Masters titles on the line. In the past, the champs race has been a bit lame. This year, its a primo course. However.... I have just heard that while the race in general has good entry numbers; those that are contesting the NZ titles is somewhat lower.

The race is no different, and doesn't cost any extra either. In fact if you are contesting the title's you'll get to start at the front. All you need to be eligble is a BikeNZ licence, and to tick the 'champs' box on the entry. Easy.

So if you want to be a part of the best NZ MTB Marathon Champs yet, then hurry up and enter! We'll make it easy.... click here

See you on the startline Sunday


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