Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As our NZ season pretty much draws to a close for 2009.... we just wanted to say thanks to all of you out there who support what we do. While it's easy to get jealous of the fully funded pro athletes, we really do enjoy what we do. Yes it's challenging....but we love the challenge, and knowing we've got so much support is pretty cool.

So we figured instead of reading our comments, it's a much better read to hear an account of XTERRA from seemingly one of our biggest fans (apologies to our respective parents!). Click here for a report from a different persepective.

Thanks everyone, wherever you are.

Cabin and Nic


Kevin Kane said...
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Kevin Kane said...

Hey Nic and Cabin-

My name is Kevin Kane; last fall I wrote an email similar to yours' asking for training opportunities in the Northern Switzerland area. Not 6 months later, I have been living and training in Gränichen for over 10 weeks, and don't plan to leave for another 5. I saw your email--laughing because it was so similar to mine--because I am living with the Swiss National Coach, Beat Stirnemann, and his family.

I just wanted to write you shortly and tell you that the area is a fantastic training ground--lots of backroads to train on, and everyone in the Gränichen area is very helpful and friendly. I wish you the best of luck in the Gränichen Racer Bikes Cup--It is an amazing course. The Elite field that I race in often contains some of the best riders in the world, so it's not "small" race, so to speak. If all goes according to plan, I will be racing in Gränichen with the US National MTB Team, but that may not happen... so I may not get to meet you guys.

Best of luck in your racing season! If you're ever looking to high altitude training, come to Colorado in the US, I live at 9,300 feet in the Rockies, great riding and running in the summer--Xterra used to have a race in Keystone, but now I think it is in Tahoe.


Kevin Kane
Cannondale Factory Racing