Thursday, April 9, 2009

Team N-Duro is here

We got an exciting e-mail last night. News that our new riding gear was about ready to ship. Awesome. Check out the pic below for a sneak preview of the all new Team N-Duro/CabinRacing riding shirt.

We went with stars to symbolise the southern cross. Trying to have a kiwi theme, but without the silver fern and/or kiwi symbols used by every man and his dog. We hope everyone else likes it?!

As soon as we have the shirts in our hands, and pics are taken, the official press releases will go out. In the meantime, all our readers get the news first. It's pretty exciting, and as you can see by the logo's on the shirt, we have some great support from some loyal partners.

There will be a very limited number of shirts made available to the public for purchase, so if you want one be sure to e-mail asap

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