Monday, April 20, 2009

Nic wins XTERRA NZ!!!!

As you may have heard, Team N-Duro/CabinRacing had a pretty good day at XTERRA NZ 2009.

Nic was successful in her mission yesterday picking up the 2009 NZ XTERRA Championship title. Her biggest win yet, to go nicely with her 2nds at the 09 NZ Elite MTB XC, and MTB Marathon Championships. She executed her race plan perfectly. Solid swim. Fastest bike split, and strong run to bring it home. Her report is below.

I didn't quite hold up my end of the bargin in the search for a double win. I had a good solid day. Not spectacular and I didn't quite meet my time goals for the day. I was aiming for a 2hr05, and didn't deliver. PB swim started things out great, but didn't ever really get 100% on top of things on the bike, and struggled on the run.

That said, both Richard Ussher and Scott Thorne had storming races and throughly deserved their 1st/2nd places. Had I done that sub 2hr05 I still may have ended up 3rd. So in the end, I am very satisified to grab 3rd in what was the most competitve NZ XTERRA field to date

3 podiums in 3 years. Mr consistent huh? Not a bad way to be.


XTERRA ’09 – a sweet victory

Saturday was a very enjoyable day for me at XTERRA NZ held at Blue Lake, Rotorua. I picked up my first NZ title, winning the pro-women’s race by over 2 minutes from Susie Wood (Nelson) & Annika Smail (Rotorua).

I had a plan and executed it well. It was largely built around my escalating form on the mountain bike, which is my focus this year.

With over 400 individuals hitting the lake, the 1km swim was its usual exciting turmoil of arms and legs. I joined in, managed to find the odd hip & feet to exit the water well in touch with the contenders. Exiting transition I rode up to Susie on the seal climb and enjoyed the ensuing battle up hill road as we went blow for blow. I had the legs on her up the final part of ‘frontal lobotomy’ and as we hit the first single track descent I put the hammer down. Soon after I caught and passed Monique Avery taking the lead for good.

I completed the MTB recording the fastest female MTB split, had another swift transition and set out to consolidate my race on the two-lap 11km run. I took a bit to settle into the run, then ran a solid pace to victory over two minutes clear of 2nd. Heading out on my second lap I wanted a time split back to second but my supporters just said, “You’re looking good Nic” or, “You are looking strong.” I didn’t care what I looked like! But they were right, forget about the others and just go.

I like winning, so already I am looking forward to building on what has been a solid domestic season on the mountain bike and in off road triathlon. I have been selected in the NZ MTB team alongside Rosara Joseph to represent NZ in the elite women’s race for the world championships in September. Cabin & I head off to Switzerland in five weeks to begin a 3-month build up amongst strong European and North American competition. I am very fortunate to have him alongside, as my partner & coach. He has been hugely instrumental in my achievements this season.

Thanks to all our friends, family, sponsors, and supporters….. and everyone who takes an interest in what we do. It is much appreciated and makes any success that much more rewarding.



Miriam said...

You guys rule!!
Unfortunately I was one of those useless supporters telling you that you looked great, Nic, but you did and I was one of the happiest people on the sideline when you won!!
Cabin, so glad that you are still thrilled with third, I couldn't get over how fast Ussher and Scott went and you had a great race (and swim!) so you guys can be soo proud of yourselves.

mountainrider said...

Well done to you both on an awesome achievement on Sat!

And congratulations Nic on your selection for Switzerland - VERY well deserved and I look forward to reading the blog updates.

By the way - jersey arrived and it looks fantastic.. very smart piece of kit.

Shane said...

Well done Nic....

oh and Cabin what did the mens winner ride ?

cabin said...

Thanks Shane

The mens winner probably could've ridden a tricycle and gone fast still. He's a freak.

Should I also mention how much faster Nic went this year after she ditched her certain brand of bike as used last year? :)

Cheers though

Corbin said...

Way to go Nic!! The ear to ear grin says it all.

We'll miss you this year at BNG and Xterra.

cabin said...

Cheers Corbin :)

We'll be back for BNG/XTERRA for sure... it just will have to wait till 2010.

Of course in the meantime you should come to NZ for a holiday before then. NZ $ ain't worth much so it'll be much cheaperthan you think!

Cabin and Nic

Sonia said...

All I have to say is "Yaaaaayaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!"
It was mean awesome watching you guys storm around the course on Saturday and totally well deserved placings for both of you. I have to say that I was particularly stoked as to watch Nic win, so was Saul. And Cabin even with that pesky ankle injury you had, well you were just running fast man, we knew you would run up the rankings. Anyhow, hope this week has been a good one for recovery and best of luck at Singlespeeds tomorrow!

Corbin said...

Sounds great. You know you two have a place to stay when you do make it back. NZ is on our list :-) With a little luck it will happen sooner than later. We'll see.