Thursday, April 16, 2009

48hrs and counting

Ohakune Lakes... Our "secret" XTERRA transition training spot

Just 48hrs, and we'll be smack bang in the middle of the XTERRA NZ Championship MTB leg. Hopefully, following the swim I will have caught/passed both superstars Ussher and Bozzone by this stage and will be working on building a lead. If not, I'm in trouble!

Nic meanwhile will be tearing the bike course apart. Building a lead she will extend on the run. I'll probably get in trouble for saying that.... but I'm confident on her behalf.

Preparation has gone pretty well. Last weekend we enjoyed a quiet long weekend at home. Perfect, as its the first weekend we hadn't travelled in quite a while.
I did face a small hiccup though. After the Highlander two weeks ago I went for a fast paced 11km tempo run on the XTERRA course. All positive. I was strong, and fast. Only problem was I rolled my ankle. It held up, but ligaments in my forefoot didn't. Very painful and I haven't run since. It was a week before I could walk relatively comfortably. I missed some planned key sessions and was one very unhappy camper which Nic unfortunately has had to put up with.

However, 48hrs out and its starting to feel like I can run again. I've been able to swim/bike still so not all bad. And as Michael Jacques wisely told me...."success in endurance events are rarely about what you do in the last 4 weeks. They're about what you've done in the last year." We've done plenty.

And after all, how cool would it be to upstage the big name pro's, and be the first couple to win XTERRA NZ titles at the same race? It'd be a very cool debut for Team N-Duro/CabinRacing. we'll see what we can do :)


mountainrider said...

Best of luck to you both - I'll be watching the news and looking forward to seeing you both being interviewed as the winning couple!

And should either of you find yourself having to catch the leader (god forbid) just remember one thing - shut the fuck up and chase them down ;)


Anonymous said...

good luck to you two ... don't let the aussies win!

Miriam said...

I have total faith that you guys are gonna take it out!!! See you there :-)

Michelle Bellamy said...

Go guys, have fun and kick butt! Nice work on the N-Duro tops. Very Hot!

comeonrichard said...

Well the plan half worked! Well done Nic!
Hey the new gear look great!