Monday, April 27, 2009

09 Singlespeed Champs

while we definately wanted to win.... I'm not sure that any race involving one gear, beer drinking shortcuts, and for many of the 'competitors' some serious fancy dress; can be considered too serious of a race?! And so it was, that we found ourselves yet again in our second home of Rotorua over the weekend for the 2009 "Rest of the world" Singlespeed MTB champs.

How'd it go? Well, our dress up choice as Banana's in Pyjama's went pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

B2 (Nic) had a great introduction to SS'ing. After a brief 30min on friday night she stopped trying to change the non-existent gears. Lined up and rode fast. Took the shortcuts. Got a little drunk. And finished 2nd. Not bad, as the winner, Annika Smail is super strong and the World #2.

B1 (Cabin) had a shocker. Way back at the start (I'd blame the fact I couldn't find my bike, except that neither could Tim and he still won). Good beer scull at end of lap 1 got things back on track. Making some ground and up to 6th on lap 2 when broken chain halted progress. Marcello eventually came along repaired it for me. Nice chap that one. I almost completed that lap before breaking it again. Ah well.

Over a 2nd recovery beer in quick succession, I had the bright of borrowing a bike. It was way too big, quite old, and a bit rattly compared to my bike.... But I'm spoilt. This one pedalled fine and got me round the rest of the race. I enjoyed some more beers, mint singletrack trails, and eventually finished. It was good. Big ups to T-Rex Wilding for the win. Respect.

Big thanks to Graeme Murray for the pics below

Um... no good explanation for that one....
Not exactly intimidating am I?
That sky blue bike was mine for the day.... not that I could find it at the start
Calm before the chaos. B2's in there somewhere
The odd bunch that are Simglespeeders stroll off to the Le-Mans running start
B2 hard at work
B1 manages to finish and still ride straight. Kind of

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Those costumes ROCK!!!