Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ay-Up 24hr. Another win....

So the Ay-Up 24hr has been run and won for another year. Am pleased to say that team Majordebt (Nic, Cabin, T-Rex wilding, and Cam Durno) took the overall win. It was a tough hard fought battle with a highly motivated R&R Wellington team, but in the end it was our experience that got us home in the end.
Even better, we were a mixed team, they were an all Male team. Nic's pretty fast.
All up we completed 28 laps of a 16km course. We shared the workload evenly, and all four of us were strong and consistent throughout. Huge thanks to the N-Duro team for an awesome event, and a great atmosphere. And for the loan of the unbelieveable Ay-Up lights. Made our job a lot easier.
T-Rex has written a good report so I'll cop out and us his! Click here for more
The LeMans race start, and thinking Triathlon, Cabin so enjoyed it he almost forgot to collect his bike. The Aussie dude behind was much more sensible. Who'd have thought?

Alden and Co on the moving roadblock.... Just glad I didn't have to pass them in the singletrack. Alden however, must be thanked for a wicked BBQ fry-up for breakfast. I literally stumbled out of the back of the car (aka Bed) at 7am and had eggs, sausages, burger patties etc presented to me. It went down awesome.

Fast forward a few hours.... and I at least try to finish it off with some style. Fuelled by the fresh coffee pre last lap, delivered by Mr Larkin. Top bloke.

The most impresive looking doorstop, ah, I mean trophy, I've seen in a while. Good thing T-Rex knows how to look good for the camera's.... Or at least look at the camera's!

Cabin setting new heights of fashion in his 2XU compression tights. T-Rex was horrified.

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