Thursday, March 19, 2009

Karapoti aftermath

So I still haven't written a report on Karapoti... It seem's a bit odd I know. I usually can put together a great report, and put plenty of time into it. Yet this time, I go and win NZ's most prestegious MTB race, and two weeks later I still haven't typed anything.

Perhaps it's disbelief that I did it. Or perhaps it's a case of nothing really dramatic happened. For once, I raced to my own plan, didn't panic about what others were doing, made no mistakes (well, not too many), and it all came together.

Often we talk about the mental aspect of racing at this level. And thats what it was really. I got that part right. Even when told at the top of the last climb I was 2min30 down, I didn't 'settle' for another 2nd. Anything can happen I told myself. And it did. I really smashed myself for that last 30mins.

What made it even more rewarding was that it was a genuinely fast ride in the conditions. And it was my good friend Stu Houltham 2nd across the line, and first to congratulate me.

The best bit? The reaction from the NZ MTB community, and the kind words many have offered. It's pretty humbling. So thank you.

For a race report..... I reckon read the official one. It pretty much sum's it all up!

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