Thursday, March 19, 2009


As I mentioned, it's been a pretty busy time recently since Karapoti. I've had return trips from Raetihi to Auckland, Rotorua, and Taupo (x2) respectively. I'm still feeling pretty smashed from the travelling alone.

There's been photo shoots, sponsorship negotiations, work, and lots of XTERRA training. And for Nic... lot's of work and study.

For both Nic and I it's now some serious focus on the run and swim aspects. Being on the farm in Raetihi is actually amazing for that. Long base runs around the farm. All hills. Not easy, and we're pretty satisfied to know that there's not many rivals who'll be doing runs any harder. The Waiouru army camp's pool is pretty handy too. 33m, hardly used, and a $2 entry. Nice.

And, we just found a nearby picturesque little lake for some open water swim's. Think it'll be ok?! It looks good anyway.

There's also great roads. How's the 17km/1000m climb of the Ohakune Mtn road anyone? And again, the farm's not bad either. Turn's out mustering by MTB is pretty effective training. Nic will be pretty hard to beat if any XTERRA race in the future involves moving livestock!

And there are MTB opportunities all over the farm. Like the huge step-down rock garden the digger contractor constructed for us 50m from the back door. Gap-Jumps and berms to follow. As will a few pics.

And in exciting news.... Cabin Racing is officially re-born as a team. Naturally, Nic and I as the athletes. We've got some great partners to make it happen, including a great naming rights partner. An announcement will be made shortly, when we have the uniform design finalised. Watch this space....


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! Congrats to you and Nic for getting Cabin Racing up and running (pardon the pun).

And also congrats to you and Nic for an amazing effort at Karapoti - I was stoked to hear you had finally been able shed the bridesmaid outfit :o)

Miriam said...

bring on XTERRA! i can't wait... you guys are going to kick butt!!