Thursday, March 26, 2009


A few may be wondering what happened to my Triplecross intentions. Well.....

.... put simply, due to my hectic last month I had managed zero hours of practice on a dirtbike. As I was going to Triplecross to win, I made the tough decision to pull out and race Triple Peaks instead. With tough competition such as John Kirkcaldie, Stu Lynch, and Vince Fletcher, I was going to have to be 100% on top of my game.

Heading out on the moto at the pace that would be required to win with no practice didn't seem either wise, realistic, or for that matter, safe!

My consollation? A Kiwi Rider and Yamaha NZ supported ride in the Northern TTR Enduro series in May... Not a bad plan B huh? Can't wait.

And Triplecross? World Champion Adventure racer Stu Lynch, a right hoon from way back, took the win from JK after smashing the run leg in particular. Great work from the man who arranged my Chinese Adventure last year (where I raced for his Orion Adventure team).

And shows he must have really benifitted from dragging me around China in a double kayak with my minimal paddling skills contributing little to our forward motion during those 4 days in China last year

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