Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu?

So while the world goes into a panic over "Swine" flu. Apparently they've traced the disease back to its origins.....

... On a more serious note, whilst Nic doesn't have Swine flu, she wasn't feeling her best on Saturday. Which for those of you were wondering what happened to her assault on the famed Crazyman Multisport event; is why she was a reluctant dnf.

She paddled bloddy well for someone who was on an 18mth taper (her last paddle was Motu 2007)... heading onto the run 2nd women, only 2min down. She soon erased that deficit, but things just weren't right. A nagging virus, and the end of a hectic season had caught up with her. So despite leading onto the final leg, her specialty MTB, she made the tough decision to call it a day.

Yes, she's gutted. But sometimes it takes more courage to pull out (especially whilst leading) than to push through regardless. She has bigger fish to fry. She'll be back, better and stronger. Crazyman 2010 better look out. Hell... even I'm keen to learn to paddle having stood on the sidelines on Saturday.

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