Friday, May 29, 2009

So we are home (briefly) after a busy few days on the road. Taupo, Tauranga, Auckland, Rotorua and home again. Did some cool stuff, hung out with friends, had some meetings, were guest speakers at Team Shorebreak's prizegiving (Tauranga Swim and Triathlon club), did some riding, and.... Cabin raced an Enduro, survived, and didn't come last.

The Enduro was one of the hardest things I've done in ages. Basically a long intense trail ride for 4hrs+. You have to keep up a certain speed average and whilst not super hard... it wears you out as the day goes on. And throughout, there are a number of Special tests, were you guy as fast as possible.

I stepped up to intermediate, instead of novice (despite it being my first ever real motorcycle race!). Rode ok and managed to maintain the required speed average. However was all over the show in the special tests, crashing, stalling the bike etc... so lost plenty of uneccessary time there! Ended up 39th out of 50 overall in the Intermediate classification. So plenty of room to improve!

Ironically I seemed better in the tighter more technical going. And rubbish in the fast open (should be easy?!) stuff. I'm obviously just scared.... So not sure how tommorrows race will go. Its an XC. 20km lap, mass start, go nuts, and whoever is leading after 2hrs wins.

Cabin feeling smoked. Who knew even with an engine it'd be so hard?
Cabin's soft "inside worker" hands didn't like the abuse
Nic meanwhile tried out a sweet new ride courtesy of Tim Mill's kids. Good fit eh?

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