Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Day distraction #1

XTERRA Worlds are go....Maui here we come!!! The cost of the race was making it look a very unlikely proposition for us this year, as Nic's MTB Worlds appearance (and preparation) being the priority focus. Until today.
.... The weather is really quite crappy here today. Cold, gloomy, and wet. My mind was wandering off to happier, warmer climates. White sands. Beaches. Maui. I couldn't help but search airfare costs. Just in case.... imagine my surprise when a ridiculous special flashed up from Air NZ. The magic plastic came out, and we now have tickets. Game on. Better let this foot fracture heal properly then!


Miriam said...

I love how this decision came partly as a result of the weather, but yay! Now I have something else to write about!

Corbin said...

I'm jealous. You'll be fine by October.