Sunday, May 31, 2009

How good is XC?

.... Motorcycle XC that is! I raced, survived, and had a ball yesterday at the 2nd round of the Dirtguide XC series at pylons near Atiamuri yesterday. I have to give a huge thanks to the team at Kiwi Rider magazine, and Kawasaki NZ for allowing it to happen for me. Big Kermit has now gone back to them, so I can get back to the MTB now.

Moto XC is just like MTB really. Mass start. Long loop, and a 2hr+ race. The main difference being the distance isn't set. It's as many laps as possible in the 2hr (or 3hr for nationals) time period. Whoever is leading when the chequers comes out wins. Might be a cool concept for MTB nationals? Allowing beginer, expert, and eite to all race the same track for 2hrs. Distance becomes self determined by ability.

Anyway, I hid myself at the start, way down the back. Which I soon regretted as the track hit singletrack after about 200m.... I felt really slowed up, but lacked the ability and/or confidence to make passing maouveres... despite spotting lines and opportunities every 30sec. Nevermind. Traffic cleared out eventually, and as the track cut up, most peoples lap times dropped off 3-4min. The fact mine stayed consistent indicated my increasing confidence!

When the flag came out I had been out there 2hr27min covering 80km of pretty tricky, but super fun forest singletracks. I was loving it and would've happily raced for another 1hr! I was "good" enough for 75th (I think) of 120ish. Right in the middle of the intermediate field. Loved it, and super keen for more. But that'll have to wait a few months or more I suppose. Back to using my legs and lungs to generate speed....

Looking the part at least? Who knew it was a useless MTB'er hidden under there!?!
And I thought MTB starts were chaos. 120 bikes, 100m up hill to 90 degree right hander....

Cabin hidden in there somewhere. About 110th round the first corner... Just like an MTB world Cup!
Almost 2hr30 later and looking a little worse for wear


Shane said...

Good effort......wish my pre 86 was upto that sort of stuff

would be an interesting concept for MTB XC racing... guess it would be a bit like the 6hr solo male cat' at the DNT last year, 3 or 4 experts out the front giving it death and rest having fun ...I think it would be a good idea

SlackBoy said...

your going to have to do some work on those lil chicken wings of yours Cabin.