Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mid-Winter Xmas

Someone's got a new sponsor, and the accompanying delivery of new goodies parcels....

.... The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noted the extra couple of links that popped up a couple of days ago amongst the things that "make us go fast." Well, Nic was fast already. But now, just in time for the pending Canadian racing/training mission, Nic is delighted to announce Avanti as her new bike supplier. Combined with super bling DT Swiss Suspension and Wheels, and Kenda tires to keep the new rocketship stuck to the ground.

 It weighed all of 9.1kg  before the bling wheels, and we haven't even tried any weight weenie mod's yet. Just the ticket to assist her in her mission for a World Champs Top 20. And even better for Nic, is that she is proudly representing a kiwi company. Nice.


Oli Brooke-White said...

What great news, and what a superb fit between athlete and sponsor. Congratulations, Nic, and all the best for you and your Avanti.

cabin said...

Cheers Oli!

Yep I am very excited about my first big bike sponsor agreement. It is huge & timed nicely with my upcoming events & aspirations...things couldn't be better.

The bike is a rocket, the carbon frame complete with the DT XCR fork feels like I am on a BMX! Nic