Monday, June 15, 2009

Canada, eh

So it looks like the 1st race of the N-Duro winter Series had a great turnout of riders, and some great racing. Kind of odd then that Team N-Duro was absent huh?! Well, we think we have a good excuse. This posting finds us in Canada (Whistler in fact), in the early stages of 7 weeks training and racing.
After 3 nights in Vancouver, lots of sleep, some great riding, and an exam (Nic's post grad study), we moved camp to Whistler for 5 days or so. Been here 3 days so far and been nowhere near the bikepark. No need, The place is littered with epic technical XC riding. We quickly learned that "easy" on the BC trail grading is anything but. Great for both skills and strength training.
Case in point... todays mission. A mint 24km singletrack that took us 3hrs (ride time). Literally thousands of corners, rocks, big drop offs, roots, you name it. Safe to say we're not riding in Rotorua mode here....!

We discovered some Vancouver climbs went pretty high...
... and that "easy" Nth Shore Single track is anything but.
Happy enough here. The 24km of technical is about to start
Nic on one of the few "non-tech" sections

So pretty happy to reach the top


mountainrider said...

*looks outside at the rain and windy day and then looks jealousy at the fine weather in the pic and 24KM! of single track - suddenly feels extremely ripped off*

Glad to hear (read?) things are going well guys.

Oh yeah Nick - remember when we passed each other on the Bridle Tk the other week and you had a busted pedal, guess what happened to me the following week! Funny riding along and having your foot fly off only to discover that the pedal is actually still attached to your shoe and you find yourself staring at the spindle - DOH!

cabin said...

Hmmm. Egg beaters... great pedals, but crap when the bearing collapses. Solution? Stay on top of maintainance!

I had it happen 15min or so into an 1hr15ish one lap XC race once. Rest of race was kinda sketchy.

Nuttykiwi said...

makes our 24km santoft race tomorrow sound pretty tame... oh well just gotta go with what you got!

Cool to hear 'read' about your adventures.