Sunday, June 21, 2009


In 5 hours time I should know just how my "form" is. We'll be a lap into the Canada Cup race here in Canmore, Alberta. It'll be interesting thats for sure. The track is physically very demanding, we are at Moderate altitude, and the Canadians are 3 weeks out from their national champs. Translation... going very fast.

Nic is at the start of her building phase towards World Champs, so should be solid. I on the other hand, only did my first set of intervals in months on tuesday. Nor have I raced an Elite UCI lap race in since Feb 2007. This might hurt?! Will let you know later today.

And Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Was a long, but rather scenic drive to get here
Fuelled by the compulsory Canadian specific food groups of course!
Not a bad view from outside our backpackers room
And I found this sweet Singlespeed contraption just down the road....
.... perhaps the bike belonged to the owner of the car I spied this sticker on right next door?


Oli Brooke-White said...

Good luck!

SlackBoy said...

You realise this means you can't race vet for another year don't ya. I can't tell ya how gutted I am

Good luck N & C