Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't believe everything you read

Maybe I should be posting this on my coaching blog, but in the interests on community service I'll post it here.

Our heartfelt warning to you.... do not believe everything you read. True, many articles full of tips and advice are really quite useful. and most publications are pretty trustworthy, reputable sources. But not always. Read with a critical eye, as sometimes lazy journalism takes hold.

Case in point, the latest issue of Triathlete magazine, featuring "11 Pro Dirt Junkies Bike Handling Tips". You'll see below Nic looking a little perplexed whilst reading said advice. Not only is the published advice from different riders conflicting, but some of it is just plan sketchy. How about these gems

"avoid using your front brake, and tap your rear brake to control speed..."Might explain tv pic's of that rider totally out of control and crashing out of XTERRA worlds 2 years ago on the plunge?!

Or "Practice using your rear brake heavily, and slide around switchbacks." Rightio then. That'll ensure mint traction?!

Like I said, always read advice with a critical eye.

"Do not use front brake. Brake heavily with the rear. Hmmm. Didn't Gabby say to practice descending using only the front brake to stay centered and controlled?"

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