Monday, June 29, 2009

News Flash: Team N-Duro win BC XC Champs

Shame we weren't eligible for the mint championship jerseys (on the right)
Nevermind, the N-Duro shirts look pretty good if we do say so.

Quick update.... highly successful day in Vancouver for Team N-Duro today, as both Nic and Cabin won their respective Elite races at the Cardiac Classic Xc (Doubling as the BC Provincial XC Champs for 2009).

After the dissapointment of Canmore last week, and on the back of a solid weeks training in Vernon, the race wins were contrasting in style, but equally emphatic.

On the tough, technical trails of Burnaby, Nic went to the front early and rode strongly. Controlling the race well, and eventually crossing the line with a minute in hand.

Cabin on the other hand, played a waiting game. Hovering around 4th-6th for most of the race, he sat back and patiently watched the locals battle themselves. Before attacking hard on a technical climb early on the last lap. Quickly building a lead he didn't relinquish.

So a pretty good day for Team N-Duro. And a great confidence boost for upcoming events.

Next up... a bit (a lot) more travelling midweek to get us over to Quebec, and then Canada Cup XC at Bromont on Sunday.


Scotty Lane said...

Woot! Good effort you two.

Celia said...

What he said! Congrats :)

m.j. said...

yeah! what a comeback! :-D shot guys

mountainrider said...

Amazing effort! well done to the pair of you.

single said...

wicked Cabin you OWNED IT

Shane said...

well effort

SlackBoy said...

Ho, wot a bunch of leg ends.
Top notch fulla and fulless

Oli Brooke-White said...

Great stuff, guys! Show those crazy Canucks what Kiwis are made of!

Nuttykiwi said...

Awesome!... you go girl! and guy!