Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bonjour' from Bromont...

We landed in Montreal early Thurs & travelled down to the ski village of Bromont. We are now settled in with super freindly & hospitable locals Thierry & Melissa, along with frequent showers of rain. Apparently it has rained alot lately, sure enough we headed up to the trailhead today to find a very muddy track...yayaa! It is the final Canada Cup for 2009 so we expect to be amongst a strong field such as at Canmore. But lets not talk about Canmore too much.

Sure, "its a shame because it would be wicked in the dry" with some fun rock sections and a good hard fast double track switch climb, but its not - it is going to be a mudfest! I like getting covered in muck, we can run too. This is good as Cabin has not done too much run training this week. The mud is thick, deep and hides rocks underneath for a little surprise now an then.

So, the Kenda Nevegals have been put on and we are contemplating not pre-riding on the course tomorrow (weather dependent) as we could do without more clean up & bike servicing. I will crank out some race pace efforts & sharpen up somewhere suitable.

Cabin on the other hand is an idiot, and doesn't have any grippy tyres. So will race on semi-slicks and probably spend tommorrow at Tim Hortons loading up on donuts hoping the extra weight will aid traction on Sunday... Will keep you posted.


Celia said...

Good luck you two! Have some slippy slidy fun out there!

m.j. said...

i like his idea... nothing like tim hortons :)