Monday, July 20, 2009

An ode to Zipties...

It's been a week, so time for an update huh? We've had another very productive week on both the training, and relaxation fronts. We've also had a few bike drama's to deal with that make you appreciate the little things. Like being at home in one place for an extended period, and knowing who to contact to help!

5-6 weeks of heavy use and the MTB's are starting to show the stress. The tech support guys at the world cup are about to be inundated. Luckily they know we are coming. In the meantime, inspired by the Caveman, Cabin has been doing his best MacGuyver as he attempts to live up to the NZ #8 wire legend. Only in these modern time's it's a packet of Zipties and a roll of Duct tape being put to use. Examples are shown below.

In the meantime.... We spent three days in Northeast Vermont riding the Kingdom trails at Burke Mtn. Cabin was smashed from XTERRA but did the training anyway. There's two MTB World Cups coming up to get fast for afterall. So 3hrs or so a day of solid MTB riding, with some key intervals thrown in on the awesome network of trails.

The Kingdom Trails are a unique concept, with almost all the trails traversing private land. 100miles worth in fact! Landowners are happy to oblige as it promotes the area and provides business opportunities in the community. All the trail society ask's is $10 a day, or $40 for the season to access the network. With all $ going back into trail creation/maintainance etc.... Pretty cool ifyou ask me. And something NZ maybe should look at as forest/land access issues arise in the future.

Highlight of the riding was our almost too close for comfort encounteers on the trail with two big angry (actually they were just startled) Moose. Impresive, exciting, and just a little scary when they come crashing through the bush toward you. Unlike the Big Bear we passed within 10m of in Vernon and just ignored us. The tree's were much more interesting apparently.

Currently back in Bromont and have had some great training. Caught up with a few of the Aussie women. Man, they have a tough job this year. Despite World sbeing at home, they need a top 15 at a World Cup (or finish within 10% of winner) to qualify for Worlds. How many of our NZ riders are capable of that? Not many.I know there were a few dissapointed people at home at missing selection after good races at the N-Duro's. But this puts things in perspective.

We are talking World Champs, not just sending the best 6 or 7 kiwi's regardless. I actually think the NZ selectors have done a great job of selecting our strongest riders, capable of performing on the World stage. I know I'm riding well at the moment, but also know I'm not capable right now of stepping up to that World Champs level. The World Champs are about performing. Not about attending afterall.

Anyway... enough ranting. One more set of HARD intervals tommorrow then we're off to Mt Ste Anne mid-week. Will keep you posted. Back to the Zip-Ties...

Nic's Lock-out cable crimp got badly damaged it transit. When it consequently bends to 90 degree under load it doesn't work. Without the DT Service tools, careful placement of Zip-Tie, and Cable braced by packing tape works mint in the meantime!
Cabin's reach adjustment bolt fell out of his Magura's. Not the brakes fault, but it happened. As this is also the pivot for the lever... No brakes. Careful use of Zip-Ties again! Works mint. Actually has recently been modified again to provide a better return action. Jude the Magura tech was impressed.
Okay, so not a lot I can do about this one. Above is one of 6 or so cracks in my rim. Thankfully the NoTubes guys are really helpful and I'll be picking up some new Stan's Race29 wheels in Mt Ste Anne
There's a few other things gone haywire too, but thats another story

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comeonrichard said...

Awesome work McGyver!!!! I fixed our hoover the same way.
Pity I couldn't fix Tresta's bike the same way, after the roof rack flew off in the wind out near Santoft. Guess who didn't do up the clips? But the insurance people came through and we now have funds for a 2010 GF 29er Paragon!
Best of luck for Mont St Anne. Great Piece in the N-Duro newsletter Nic!