Monday, July 13, 2009

XTERRA Northeast Champs

Just capped off a great week down in Vermont with a strong 6th place at the XTERRA Northeast Champs. On a pretty brutal course, I was stoked to finish probably closer than ever to the front of an international XTERRA on limited run/swim training which is definately a great confidence boost heading towards Maui. And I guess proves that we must be doing something right down in NZ?

A fairly standard 1500m swim started things off. Apparently it was raelly fast at the front... not that I ever saw it. In an added novelty, it was non-wetsuit for the pros, and wetsuit for the amatuers who started only 1min behind us. I was pretty stoked to make it past the first bouy before they started passing me.

A brutal 17km point to point MTB that took about 1hr20 climbing to Sugarbush Ski resort followed, then a 'gentle' 10km trail run/come hike/come grovel... Richard Ussher would have been in heaven. Anyway, rode up to 6th, and hung onto that for the run. So a positive end to the week.

We've been lucky enough to be hanging out at the Catamount family centre/mtb Academy. Basically Summer Camp for bikes. Kinda entertaining to observe the goings on from our prime position at Camp headquarters. Nice and relaxing plus great trails on the doorstep (literally).

Also a highlight... Ben and Jerry's. Possibly the best ice cream ever (apologies tip-top) whose factory is nearby. We skipped the tour, and just consumed the free pint containers we lucked into (okay, so Nic sampled them.... Cabin tried to get fat). It's been mint.

Waiting for the delayed start... The Caveman doesn't seem to like his pink cap as much as Cabin?
Possibly the flattest part of the bike course. 1000m vertical to follow....
... which was fine because the run only had 500m+ vert in 10km. Ouch.
Pretty stoked to be done with that one
Look familiar? American Pie summer camp perhaps?
Mmmm. Ice-Cream
Anyone know how this guy get's away with racing Masters?

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