Monday, July 27, 2009

Nic 33rd on World Cup debut

Well Nic's debut on the World stage went pretty well. From a pretty average start spot at the rear of the 70 ish rider grid, she quickly worked her way forward, then rode strongly in some pretty experienced elite company for a final spot of 33rd. Pretty good if you ask me.
just 30 sec off of her quiet target of top 30. That can wait to next week at Bromont.
And Cabin? With a literally dead last start position my main goals in a brutal 6 lap mens race were to a) last at least 4 laps before the 80% rule kicked in.....b) and to pass at least as many people as Nic did.
4 laps later I'd managed that. The first lap bottle neck was ridiculous, and after lap 1 I was in about 103rd and 6min down. I eventually moved up to 77th.... and remembered just how much World Cup racing hurts. Looking forward to Bromont next week with longer climbs that seem to suit me more these days.
Right. Time to sleep. Thanks everyone for your support and good wishes.
Nic practicing circles in the starting pen. Katarina nash was doing it so it seemed like a good idea?!
Mid race. Pushing hard
4 laps... ouch
Cabin post race: "I remember why I gave this up now..."
Happy athlete and Coach. Time for ice-cream now


mountainrider said...

ABSOLUTELY MAGIC! well done to both of you and congratulations on surviving your first world cup race Nick - simply brilliant!

Oli Brooke-White said...

Good work, guys!

comeonrichard said...

Great effort both of you!