Monday, July 6, 2009

On the podium at Canada Cup final

More success today for team N-Duro, proving the training is working, and last weekends BC Champs were no fluke as Nic took an awesome 2nd place at the Canada Cup final in Bromont Quebec. Showing good moto skills to elbow past Caroline Villaneuve just 100m before the finish.
Meanwhile Cabin backed it up with a strong 9th in a 60 strong elite mens field. Ironically better than he ever achieved in years gone by when he was actually "serious" about all this stuff.
Heavy rain all week had made an already physically and technically challenging track even harder. Super muddy, the sun came out right before the start. Just in time to moderately dry the mud, making it thicker and stickier. Nice?! So plenty of leg strength required, more than a little running, and some very challenging technical sections.
With a mess up with UCI points, Nic ended up at the back at the start. Was promptly run off the track into tape, and forced to follow through the early part of the lap. Later commenting "Why the hell do they go so bloody slowly in the muddy bits. Whats with that?" Nic forgets her formative MTB'ing at K-Loop was a special "privilage" the impact of which is now showing.
There was also 3 aussie women in the race, and she beat them all soundly, which makes it even better.
Speaking of K-Loop, was great to see another member of the Palmy Massive, one Mr James Rennie representing in the DH with a solid top 20 (in a 100 strong field). His fine spectating skills "get off the brakes Cabin" was inspirational. Maybe.
Cabin did indeed let off the brakes, and promptly made up for a crap start. Near the rear of the grid, he lost plenty on the first lap but moved up from 60th at the start, 30th after lap 1, up to an eventual 9th place, steadily gaining still on the top 5. Seems racing Masters at home in NZ is the secret to preparation he's been missing all these years.
We both got some handy cheques which will help the travel expenses. Or at least pay for some trips to the water park tommorrow, and Canada's Wonderland themepark too.
Nic is starting to get used to this podium thing
First very short dh section on the start loop.... looking more like an MX track
Another bike prep "secret".... Canola oil spray all over the bike for mud. Works mint, and goes well with salads too.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely BRILLANT! Well done to the pair of you - still sniggering about Nic's 'going slow in the mud' comment :-)