Friday, July 31, 2009

Some travel pics...

So we're back in Bromont. Pretty much killing time awaiting this weekend's world cup. This bit sucks, as when there's back to back racing you have to be careful to recover well, so you end up resting a lot, which is not always great.

Anyway, course has changed a bit since Canada Cup. Some great new technical sections. Course was riding fast yesterday...... until the massive thunderstorm that struck whilst I was out running the course last night. I haven't seen rapids running down a track like that since the infamous K-Loop DH of 2001(?!). Sunny again today so it might dry out. Or not. A few selected pics below for your viewing pleasure.

The 'local' Tuesday night crit in Montreal. Pretty cool set up. Stands, big crowds = Awesome.
All was going to plan for Theirry till some clown chopped him at 50km/hr+. Ouch.
Nic demonstrating what happens when an athlete anxious to race gets almost too rested...
....whilst Cabin contemplates methods to help get to the front of a World Cup XC
Seem's the founding fathers of Quebec City had good taste in beer?
Ever wondered what the front of an XC World Cup race looks like? So does Cabin.

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