Friday, May 8, 2009

Rainy Day Distraction #2

Wonder why the last post was title raing day distraction #1? Well there were other things distracting me on wednesday also. Like the impending rival of Kermits bike brother. This fella's wheels might not be as big as the Niner, but it still goes pretty fast.

Thanks to Kiwi Rider and Kawasaki I have this nice toy... ah... I mean cross-training utilise throughout May. Building up to a couple of enduro and XC races at the end of the month. From which I'll be doing a couple of magazine articles on how I go. Just how hard these events are. And whether or not MTB has taught me any worthwhile skills that carry over. Time will tell.

And.... it'll give me an opportunity to try and emulate one of my favorite kiwi sportsmen right now, Paul "the Axeman" Whibley. My good friend and neighbour at High School, who regularly made me look pretty inadequate on a dirtbike in comparison.

And I swear it's a valid method of cross-training. The Caveman rides regularly and he seem's to go ok in XTERRA's. If it goes well I might have to find one for Nic as well? She's already hinting.

While Fox make a pretty nice fork that is attached to the front end of Kermit Jr.... this front end is just a little bit more confidence inspiring. Think I'll be hard pressed to find the limits of this set-up.


Tony said...

Nice bike!

comeonrichard said...

Yummy.... very nice.

Matt now has a bike ... well a pile of bits that might one day resemble a Suzuki TV200. Search at this site for a pic
Also check out this electric monster
150mph top end and max torque at zero revs, Ohlins inverted front forks, 43mm TiN coated tubes, Ohlins fully adjustable shock, Brembo 4 piston monobloc calipers, Marchesini wheels.... oh dear oh dear

Shane said...

finding the limits of the forks...I bet you do with the amount of pony's under the seat of that beast