Friday, January 30, 2009


So I won a running race on tuesday. WTF? First home in the very popular local Super 7 series. 7km fun run that happens for 7 weeks. I'm not going to claim anything special as I hardly ran any faster than last week. And.....under my current training plan I have no desire to run 7km hard, so cruise the first 4km and speed up at the end.
So what can I deduce from this? There were less people there than previous weeks. Either that or people just run slow in the wind? The positive signs are that I'm still running it 1min faster than this time last year, at which time I did the fastest run split at the NZ Sprint Tri Nats (age group). All good then.
And in other random news I threw my Superfly on the scale at Crank-It this morning. 9.6kg! Its a 29er remember. If no one buys it soon I might just have to transfer some $ from the credit card and just keep it?

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