Monday, January 19, 2009

Officially Elite..... Nic 2nd at Mt Vic

Nic and her shadow (Katherine O'Neill behind)
Looking pretty comfy on the Mt Vic terrain?
First race... First Podium. Not too shabby says Coach?!

It's official. Nic has now had her first 'nationals' race as an Elite and more than proved her worth with a strong 2nd place at the final of the NI Cup series on Mt Vic after a race long duel with Katherine O'Neill. Wellington local Samara Sheppard put in a stormer of a ride for the win.

It would be hard to chose a tougher place to debut. Mt Vics approx 8km lap contains around 400m vertical of climbing, and is littered with root infested, steep, technical descents. Its hard.

As her first real 'lap' race, Nic probably suffered a bit from poor track position early on, so took a while before she was able to get clear track and ride her rythym. But settle in she did, and moved from 5th 2/3 thru lap one into 2nd, where she stayed throughout the race. Holding strong consistent lap times, and shaking Katherine with a gritty last lap.

Podium on Elite debut? Not too bad eh? The Coach is happy anyway! Things are nicely on track.


Celia said...

Congrats Nic! :) Was great to see you out there kicking ass! :)

Corbin said...

Congratulations Nic!