Monday, January 12, 2009

Geez, its been a month since I posted anything. Oops. Not so good of us. We’ve been kinda busy doing, um, stuff?! Check out for reports on his travels to NZ, which covers a lot of what we’ve been up to. However, the last month in brief

Cabin resigned from work. Finishes up mid-Feb. Moving to Ohakune with Nic. No job yet. Might have to pick carrots?!

Raetihi for Xmas. Cabin rode 160km+ in the rain to get there on Xmas eve.

Fleeting trip to Temuka (way down south) on boxing day for a wedding. Back home to sleep it off.

Will Kelsay (Mr XTERRA 2007) arrived from USA for a month of NZ summer goodness

Headed to Rotorua for 12 days (ish) of relaxing, training, eating ice-cream etc…. Multiple days on Rotovegas singletrack = Nic being scary fast on MTB now. Roll on nationals.

Cabin stole Craig Pattles Intense M6 and riding gear for an evening of DH shuttling on Rotorua’s mint DH trails. Demonstrated “Mad hucking skills”. Or maybe not…. Did some cool jumps though?!

Ate some more ice-cream….

Raced Wild Moa Off-Road Tri. New race records resulted in wins for us both. Cabin posting new MTB leg record (overall), and individual run record. Nic doing the same in the women’s and finishing 6th overall!

Backed up the next day with summer N-Duro 45km XC. Cabin and Scott resumed their never ending battle, and gave the N-Duro guys timing gear a real test….. Scott grabbing the win by something like 0.06sec. Stu Houltham was 3rd a few minutes back. Nic was riding strong in the women’s behind Annika Smail. Too strong for the bike as a bent hanger, munched chain/derailleur ending her charge.

Today…. Both back at work. Boo. Nevermind. Long weekend this weekend and the final of NI Cup XC series in Wellington to look forward to. I love summer….


mimartiste said...

yay, glad to hear y'all are still alive and kickin!

Brian and Jenny said...

Ohakune.. where?
you guys are making us envious, we are whitey, landscape, skin, chlorine bleach pool... I'm off to run same dirt/snow (white) road I've run for 6 weeks now. M'cabes lane. Its plowed! ( I'm boo hooing.. I know... lame!)
enjoy your fun in the sun.