Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wild Moa in pictures...

Thanks to Will Kelsay for the photography..... here's Saturdays Wild Moa Off-Road Tri in pics. They're all pre/post race 'cause we were too fast for pic's during the event. Seriously. Cabin even overtook the guy who was suppossed to be putting out the timing stands during the run.... and arrived at the finish to a half inflated finish arch; so just dive rolled thru the small opening instead!
Wild Moa Offroad Tri 2009
Mens: 1st Cabin 2hr29 New race record, MTB record, indiv run record
Wmns: 1st Nic 2hr52 New race record, MTB record, indiv run record

Cabin, Cam, and Nic. Pre-race consultation. "How do you swim again?"

Looks fast... It's because my feet are on land and I don't have to swim anymore

L-R: Graeme Pearson (1st Vet men... all round legend), Cabin, Cam Durno (2nd overall. XTERRA star in waiting), Patrick Harvey (3rd overall, and 2008 XTERRA Age-group World Champion)

"Ready to race again tommorrow?"

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mountainrider said...

Awesome effort guys! Well done to you both. Mike K