Monday, January 19, 2009

Old men and Zimmer frames

So I decided to race Masters category at the Mt Vic final of the Nth Island Cup (Nationals..)series yesterday. There were a few reasons. 1) I wanted to race for training. 2) I figured hitting up 4 laps at race pace was a good way to preview the course for Nic and help formulate her race plan. 3) Hisky needed some competition. and 4) We thought it might be fun to see how many Elite's we could beat on lap time average :)

After heavy rain overnight the track seemed like it would be a mess. The steep technical descents would provide carnage a plenty. So I went with plan B, the safety option. Don't use the bling race wheels/tyres. And sit in with Hisk to pace each other.

That soon went out the window. I got a lead, and 'ran away' to a good win. Good thing I did, as Hisky finally woke up and came back at me on lap 4 doing his fastest lap of the day then! As it was, my lap average was good enough for top 5 Elite, even though they had a dry fast track. So no need to call for the zimmer frame yet...

Different uniforms, same old story. Stuck together by the invisible bungy
Lap 1, and what were technical chutes in the dry, had gotten more than a tad dicey
Clear in 1st and abused... I mean cheered on.... by the infamous Oli 

Podium time with team Hiskys.... "wheres our medals?!" Too right Cohen, you tell 'em

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