Monday, February 2, 2009

N-Duro #2

It was kindly suggested yesterday by Will that perhaps I should aquire a bridesmaids dress to wear at N-Duro prizegivings. Yes, it was yet another 2nd place in yesterdays race.
This time it was young Dirk Peters from Rotorua that did the business. On a hot, sunny day, the Rotorua trails were perhaps the most slippery I've ever ridden them. They were so hardpacked and dry with dust all over that traction was a rare commodity. Even the gravel roads were sketchy (as Hiskys visit to the A&E to have debris picked out of his knee proved).
A torrid pace early on saw Dirk, Stu Houltham, Patrick Avery, and myself well clear early, until Dirk dropped the hammer up direct road and blew it apart. To watch this boy climb is something very impressive. I managed to bridge back and we pushed on until I dropped my chain and tangled it between crank and chainrings. Dirk didn't need a second invite and capatilised. Flying home to put 1 1/2mins+ into me by the end. Good hard race though, and pleasing form as my legs had felt absolute shite the day before.
The trip home was interesting too. I'd planned to jump in Lake Taupo for a nice open water swim but got a little more than I bargined for. The wind having whipped up quite a swell, the swim became somewhat of an adventure. I managed 15mins without feeling too seasick.......!
The waves started to look a bit bigger from water level...

Feeling quite small at this point....

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Shane said...

you forget your surf board???

liken this pic from rnd 1

your making it hurt