Monday, February 23, 2009

N-Duro Series # 3

The ever popular Summer N-Duro series wrapped up Sunday in Rotorua, on what was fittingly the best (and toughest) course of the series. I was pretty smoked from a hectic final week at work, but determined to finish the series well. While for Nic it was the last hitout pre-Nats.
Interestingly, I was back on 26" wheels for the first time in about 14mths. My Superfly was sold, and has yet to be replaced, so was on a very nice borrowed "mini wheel" XC fully. certainly interesting to chop and change and match up the 26" and 29" pro's and con's subjectively.
In the 45km the pace was pretty intense as Clinton Avery and Mikey Northcott tested each other out prior to next weeks national champs. I managed to find something in the old legs and hung on grimly. It was an intense pace that I think had all three of us in trouble at times, distancing ourselves from the rest of the field quickly. I was yo-yoing a bit, and eventually about 2/3rd's of the way through the elastic snapped and I drifted off the back, leaving Clinton and Mikey to fight it out. Mikey got the nod, Clint 2nd, and me not too far back in third.
In the 25km race (skipping the 45km so as not to be too tired ahead of next week) Nic put it all together and dominated a strong womens field. Proving to herself that all the work she's put in pre-Nat's is coming to fruition. Riding smart, watching her rivals, before riding away at the appropriate moment to a comfy win. All looking good for Nelson then. We head down tommorrow. Hope the weather is good as I'm looking forward to quality "lazying on the beach" time.
Clearly Nic enjoyed her race....
....whilst I'm smiling as we're almost finished.
Something was obviously funny. My hair perhaps?
Thanks to Helen for the pics.

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