Monday, February 16, 2009

Manawatu Club Tri

It was a rest weekend this weekend past..... so of course I raced. Race #2 of the Manawatu Tri clubs summer series, and despite my need for re-build training I couldn't help myself. A) we are in the middle of moving so it may well be my last race race as a Manawatu Athlete. And B) I still haven't given James Dobson his flash wheels back yet so felt they needed another thrash.

5km run/25km bike/400m swim. In that order. A bike specialists dream! It's also held on an army base so traffic is not an issue. Its just wayward golf balls you need to look out for as the course goes straight through the middle of a busy course.

I put together perhaps my best race at one of these yet. Strong run, crushed the bike, and swam it home strongly. 1hr01 for a 5min margin over 2nd. I was doing 6min45 per 5km lap on the bike. If only I'd done that last week at Kinloch?!

This week I'll get around to that re-build training....

Local Hardman Steve Stannard pushing the run pace along

Once again, flash wheels.... Thank you Mr Dobson


mountainrider said...

oh some things never change do they Cabin - do the words 'rest and recover' actually ever really feature in your training programme LOL

Good luck with your move - a huge loss to the Manawatu!


Miriam said...

nice. forget about Kinloch! haha, you're awesome.