Monday, February 9, 2009

NZ Sprint Tri Nationals: For once I didn't get 2nd...

... but I didn't win either. My plans of taking out the overall 2009 NZ Age-group Sprint Tri Nats were scotched by two strong races from Tristen Calwell and Shannon Barnett respectively. So 3rd it was.
First mistake was perhaps that I actually rested before the race. Not the norm for me?! Anyway, tried hard but just didn't feel that extra zing needed.
On a stunning (and scorchingly hot) day in Kinloch, I joined a few hundred other keen beans on the shores of Lake Taupo. Jealous of Nic who was off enjoying some great MTB training on the iconic kinlock-kawakawa bay track. Just wearing my wetsuit for 10mins prior to race start and standing in the sun produced one of the more effective warmups I've done.
Swim went ok. Water was a bit lumpy which made things a bit slower (and decidedly more interesting). Well down on the leaders (but a lot less than in the past) out onto the bike, and whilst fast, I just didn't quite get on top of things. Essentially rode the whole 20km side by side with T-Rex, and managed to survive many close calls with both cars and unpredicable riders. I then proceeded to totally balls up my bike/run transition, before getting my s*^% together and running through the field to 3rd with one of the faster runs of the day.
Happy? I guess. Didn't feel great, but produced a solid result regardless. Kinloch marked the end of a very busy 5 week race/travel schedule. So now looking forward to a bit of a training rebuild over the next month to make some solid gains towards March/April. Should be good
300m to go. Thank christ for that

The immediate aftermath. Not pretty.... but 1hr near max effort in 30 degree+ heat ain't that pleasant

My rig for the day. Thanks to Dobson for the flash wheels

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Miriam said...

Just win XTERRA this year and all the 2nd places will be forgiven =]