Monday, March 1, 2010

National Champion....On the 3yr Training plan

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present your 2010 NZ Elite Womens XC Champion (and Short Track XC Champion), Nic Leary. Mission accomplished, next step Karapoti, and Oceania's. One very pround partner typing this.

One who was then motivated to add to his freshly crowned Masters XC title, to smash out a decent ride himself in the Short track and pushed National Mens Champ Mikey Northcott to the limit, before grudingly settling for 2nd.
Saturdays National XC Champs win by Nic was extremely satisfying for Nic (and me). She's worked bloody hard towards this, and her display on the day was impecable. Riding strongly off the front from the outset. Putting together a mistake free race extending her lead with every lap for an emphatic victory over Fiona Macdermid. One very accomplished athlete herself.
What was more special was that Mt Vic provided the location. As opposed to my 25yr training plan mentioned in the previous post.... Nic's has been less than 3. It was at this very venue almost 3yrs to the day that Nic took in her first National XC event. As a spectator on the sidelines watching me in what was my last Elite XC national in NZ. Thinking it was cool to watch, but perhaps even more exciting to be a part of, a new sporting pursuit began in earnest.
3yrs later, on perhaps the best XC nationals course I've ever seen in NZ (thanks marco, slackboy and co), she pieced it all together. Even better was the crowd support. Nic and I now like to think of ourselves as honorary members of the Bushlove Racing crew.... so it was important to perform in front of this very enthusiatic bunch of supporters. And we really did enjoy the after match socialising with this lot. I even publicly declared them the future of XC such is their enthusiasm and passion for the sport. Cheers guys.
And me? Despite Slackboys protestations I felt no guilt in claiming the Masters National title. Kyle Wood from Timaru scared me early in the race with pace I wasn't expecting. His great riding forced me into an uncharacteristic panicked state. Racing like an excited 18yr old I proceeded to crash my brains out for the first two laps before finally settling down to ride away to (an eventually) solid win.
Bring on Karapoti

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Davo said...

Awesome riding from you guys over the weekend. We loved cheering Nic on during her smashfest and even though I narrowly missed out on the M1 win this time, was glad you won a Nats title mate. Was good to hang out over the weekend.

I expect you noticed Nic spent longer getting ready before coming out to spend the evening with us. Its just one of those things. You'll get used to it.