Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oceania Champion!!!

Quick post.... Nic Leary is the 2010 Oceania XC Champion!! Great display of controlled agression on what was a super testing, but very fun, Bethunes Gully track in Dunedin. Aussie Champ (and Avanti team mate) Rowena Fry 2nd.

Pics and a proper report to follow later.

Oh yeah.... I rode the morning Masters race and spent the morning chasing super freak 15yr old Anton Cooper. Worked out ok as we did the 5th/6th fastest lap averages of the day.

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comeonrichard said...

Ablosutely bloody marvelous result Nic. Oceania Champ after 3 years getting dirty. Great coaching Cabin! All very proud of you both here in Palmy