Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The 25yr training plan

Two days and counting till the primary objectives of our MTB season kick off. The 2010 National MTB Championships, and the Karapoti Classic just 7 days later. Both celebrate the 25th anniversary of competive MTB in NZ, which began with the first Karapoti back in 1986.

So its a big deal. And a quick flick through mums photo albums proves I've been building to this for just that....25years! Pictured above shows a young Cabin (right of picture) circa 1986 fresh from one of my first MTB training sessions. Its certainly a pretty sweet bike. Matched by some equally sweet overalls, and I am sure some pretty sweet jumps were completed too.

Fast forward to 2010 and Nic is feling pretty good. Wrist injury has progressed well and she'll be getting the Nat's course dialled. Meanwhile I've completed my final "secret" Karapoti smashfest training session today, so hopefully will be recovered by next weekend!?!

And at the very least recovered enough to withstand the Bushlove assault on the Masters XC title. Should I be afraid??