Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well.... it's all over. And after the dust had settled, I managed to survive Maui, and grab myself a top 20 finish.

It was a strong race for me. PB swim by a long way. Solid bike time, flying early, before paying the price later. And the run? Lets just say I survived! Whether it was the heat, or I pushed too hard early in the bike, or I just wasn't on form.... the run was a struggle.

Never the less. I held on for a top 20 finish, amongst the classiest pro field yet for an XTERRA Worlds. Coming out of an NZ winter, first tri since June, training around a fulltime job, I'll happily take a World ranking of 20th. Right now, its time for a few pies

As hard as it must have been for her to travel with me to Maui, knowing full well she couldn't race the event she'd been preparing for all year.... she seemed to enjoy the whistlestop trip. And I'm certainly glad she came along. At the very least just because I wouldn't have enjoyed the trip as much if she wasn't there.

Seems it motivated her enough though, and she refuses to let the broken collarbone slow her down..... much. As I type this she's at the Pool, doing kick sets. To be followed by lower body weights in the gym. I already feel lazy